Lydia Chavez, Public Affairs Specialist

Lydia Chavez grew up in Orange County and has worked in government and public affairs on two continents.

In the United States, Lydia recently served as field director for the successful Melissa Fox for Irvine City Council campaign.  She helped devise and then executed the campaign field plan, directed all volunteers, and coordinated with other organizations, including the Democratic Party, labor unions and community groups.

In the United Kingdom, Lydia worked with the Conservative Party at their headquarters in London, serving under the Director of Outreach and assisted in the hosting of representatives of foreign political parties that visited the UK.  She also worked with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, established after the fall of the Berlin Wall as a non-departmental public body that operates closely with, but is independent of, the UK Government, to aid in the universal establishment of legitimate and effective multi-party representative democracy and to strengthen democracies around the world.

Lydia is an honors graduate of St. Lawrence University, earning a B.A. in Government with a minor in Arabic.

She speaks Arabic and Spanish.