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Attorney Melissa J. Fox

Attorney Melissa J. Fox

The Fox Firm is a civil law and public affairs firm located in Irvine, California, specializing in business law and public affairs advocacy.

Our legal expertise combines knowledge, skill, and experience in all facets of litigation and legal counseling, including advice, negotiations, litigation, trials and appeals.

The Fox Firm also provides strategic government relations and public affairs services.  We are respected and well-connected in Orange County, Sacramento, and throughout the State of California, and are available to serve as your guide and advocate in successfully navigating the often troubled waters of public affairs and the governmental, regulatory, and administrative processes.

As your public affairs advocate, the Fox Firm will:

  • Help you achieve your advocacy goals through professional representation and a thorough understanding of the legislative and regulatory process.
  • Develop the most effective strategies, utilizing the best messaging and communications tools for your organization to achieve your goals.
  • Connect you with the decision-makers who really matter and with potential allies across the political spectrum.

Our Recent Successes:

  • The Fox Firm was instrumental in securing the passage of A.B. 1096, legislation that clarifies the regulation of electric bicycles (e-bikes) in California and encourages the safe use of e-bikes by providing clear rules with respect to how they must be equipped and operated.  We worked with industry organizations, citizens organizations, state legislators from both political parties, legislative staff, and public safety groups to craft a bill that all could support. Under the new law, e-bikes will no longer be regulated like mopeds and the same rules of the road will apply to both e-bikes and human-powered bicycles. E-bikes will not be subject to the registration, licensing, or insurance requirements that apply to motor vehicles. The bill is a model for progressive e-bike legislation in the rest of the country.
  • The Fox Firm successfully aided the Sea Scouts and other youth and community organizations in preventing Orange County from privatizing facilities in Dana Point Harbor. We met with city, county and state officials and managed an extensive public relations and social media campaign to inform the public and engage their support against privatization. As a result, the people of Orange County did not lose access to the use of the harbor and the Sea Scouts and other youth and community groups will continue use the harbor for sailing and other activities.
  • The Fox Firm successfully helped a group of home owners demand, and then win, a recall election of the officers of their home owners association. Taking both a legal and a political campaign approach, we forced the HOA board to conduct a fair recall election and then secured the support of a majority of home owners for our slate in the recall election campaign. As a result, our home owners slate gained control of the HOA.

The Fox Firm would love to help you.

We care about our clients, about solving their problems and helping them succeed.  We are dedicated to your success, and to serving you effectively and efficiently, with integrity, enthusiasm, and personal commitment.

Talk with us about legal issues, or about government, regulatory, legislative or other public affairs concerning you, your business, or your organization.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 949-683-8855 or contact us at melissa@melissafoxLaw.com

We look forward to hearing from you.